No coração de Tallinn, na Estónia, o ‘Bairro Latino’ oferece uma espiral de espaços que sugerem uma nova maneira de experienciar-se a Arte da Luz. O evento LUX MATRIX TALLINN decorreu entre 18 e 27 de Setembro de 2015.

Right in the core of Old Town, the Latin Quarter of Tallinn offers a spiral of connected spaces, to be delicately lit in order to please a new and demanding sensibility. In the framework of a new concept – the Boutique Light Festival – LUX MATRIX TALLINN stands for an innovative approach of the urban identity. A series of small and medium-scale installations, interventions and actions, by international artists, allowed visitors and the participating community of all ages to look at their heritage in a both magical and surprising way.

LUX MATRIX Latin Quarter light festival, Tallinn, Estonia, 18–27.09.2015

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