Koshal (et al) in Kathmandu


In Kathmandu with artists Koshal Hamal (in red sweater), Raju Giri (on my left) and other members of the public after my lecture on the rhetoric of light in the city. It happened at NexUs Culture Nepal, the amazing artivist space fueled by performer and educator Ashmina Ranjit. NexUs is the brain child of a successful Nepalese artivist community organisation: LASANAA. It means art in Newari, the indigenous language group of Kathmandu. LASANAA has successfully driven art projects since 2007, bringing Nepali artists, art and the community together to explore ideas, promote art and artivist collaboration. Working with the idea of appropriation and the broad contemporary visual cultures, Koshal says “the notion of identity and the representation of mis-representation are the main features of my work.” For a bit more on his sharply appropriative conceptual art, click here.



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