Stefan Kornacki GO HOME!


I saw art’s future and its name is Stefan Kornacki. Now NOT kiddin’… The way Stefan Kornacki is interpreting the tradition of text art in urban space in his Inscription Project is extraordinary in its mix of documentation work and theatrical mise en scène. Here, the exhibition is not afraid of becoming spectacle, it becomes fully performance, spatialized aphoristic wit. The craft of a performatic ethos, now showing in Toruń, Poland, birthplace of another genius, Kopernik. At CSW in Torun, the spectator is immersed in some kind of fin de siècle mournful AND exhilarating atmosphere. A precocious master he is, and I am very very proud to have curated him for Skyway in 2009 and 2010, for Objet Trouvé and Cosmic Underground in 2012, Lumina in 2015, LightCraft in 2016. I remember our 18 hours travel with Stefan to Tallinn, to meet Indrek Leht and prepare his participation in the VI Disainöö 2011, and in this longest of travels (in a time I was afraid of flying) what was shaped were the parameters of a rare and intense, albeit prickly curator-artist dialogic. Anyway. Only somebody so full in love with the past AND ‘things to come’ could do this kinda thing and get away with it. Stefan Kornacki, you know what? GO HOME!



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