The dilemma of Orestis

IMG_9312 (2)

Congrats, curator Orestis Andreadakis [in the photo] an artist George Drivas!  The narrative video installation ‘Laboratory of Dilemmas’ was indeed a very good surprise in the Greek Pavilion in the Giardini, presenting and connecting key-aspects of two distant worlds: the words of Ancient tragedy and the image of Contemporary Cinema. The impact was certainly heightened by the mesmerizing (and after all, surprising) presence of one of my divas, Charlotte Rampling, but no less enchanting is how the debate develops on the screen, bringing Aeschylus’ Iketides (Suppliant Women, 464-463 b.c) – the first literary text in history that raises the issue of a persecuted group of people seeking for asylum (!) – back to life in the most pertinent of moments: the refugee crisis. Ironic. Brilliant. Tragic.

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