With Aleksandra in Cascais

With Aleksandra Stratimirović [and artist Barbara Scholz on the left] in LUMINA’16, right after the presentation the book ‘You Say Light, I Think Shadow’. Page after page, this minimalist graphovisual ‘tour de force’, conceived by Aleksandra with graphic designer Sandra Praun presents «a fascinating portrayal of the essential and pervasive concept embodied by light in the workings of the creative mind.» Indeed. It is exceptionally useful as a conceptual toolbox for professionals, the lay and all the gamut of readers in between.

«To formulate the collection, the authors posed the question, “What is light?” to an international array of creative and eclectic individuals, from artists, lighting designers, and writers, to architects, photographers, and film-makers. The spectrum of responses [no less than 109!] – they received in return is compiled and visualised in a surprising and boldly conceived volume. It incorporates poetic and personal thoughts, visions, memories, definitions, stories, and much more.» It’s all about sharing experiences, offering the reader different materializations of one particularly evanescent and ethereal element in art, culture, technology and… life, in a way showing how partial knowledges make the more sense when they are set in a dialogue with each other.

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